Monday, May 26, 2008

Need better data on inactive ingredients

People who know me know that I am trying to lose weight and get faster this year. Well - I can definitely tell you one way NOT to do that. I had a stomach bug that basically took me out for a week (I managed maybe 16 hours of on and off working over the entire week...)

I worked some of those hours on Tuesday. By Wednesday it was clear I was headed for worse trouble, so I made an appointment for Thursday morning. Having been without solid food for days at this point, I literally dragged myself to the doctor's office, which wore me out. (My wife was running our children around to their various functions.) The doctor looked me over and said I looked 'very bad' -gastritis. She ordered up a slew of tests to be on the safe side. I drove to the lab and revived in their waiting room somewhat.

I decided to go over to the local pharmacy and try to fill my Carafate prescription. I told the pharmacist I was a Celiac and asked her if the Carafate had any gluten. She was holding a bottle in her hand, but she didn't know and said she would need to call the manufacturer - could I wait or come back? At that point, I was wondering if I could drive home. I called my wife, and she offered to check and pick it up. So I drove straight home and went to the futon, where I lay for about four hours in misery, too tired to move. Meanwhile, my wife came home, we found out it was gluten free, and finally got the prescription -- about five hours later and honestly the best we could do, given our circumstances. I finally had my first dose around 6.

The point is - for Celiacs - the "inactive ingredients" may or may not be. If there was better information, I wouldn't have had to suffer for those five hours. Has anyone else out there suffered a similar lag between prescription and acquisition? What coping approaches to you use?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Vacation was good

After those big events, it's nice to take some time off to recover. I went up to Ohio to visit with family and didn't do much exercising - just the odd run or round of golf. It was really nice to recover and relax. Now if I could just get a vacation from my vacation...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

MS150 recap

Okay - I know the ride was almost a month ago, but there have been some intervening activities you will find out about as I go.

My MS150 ride this year was good, but it beat me up a little more than last year - I think there were two reasons. One, was that there was an unusual headwind blowing about 20 mph for nearly the whole course. The other was that I didn't do nearly as many rides during the week this year as last year, so I ended up with just a little less stamina than I had the last time around.

But, unlike last time, I was well-prepared in the food department and I packed appropriately for the weather (which was cold at night and in the morning).

The thing that probably concerned me the most was the number of cyclists who met the pavement unintentionally. I saw 6 or 7 cyclists on the road - and believe me, it wasn't intentional. I think maybe the MS150 is just too big for it's own good, or the people just are trained enough to be safe out there.

LaGrange was good. I got out a bit to see the rest of the fairgrounds and the town this year. I slept really well Saturday night in my 25 degree rated sleeping bag.

I can say I was truly annoyed by the music selection on Saturday morning (I could see a college fight song or two -- but OVER and OVER and OVER?). It was as if they had only two CDs.

I set a new personal speed record of 41 mph going downhill on the hill right before the State Park. I had to brake for someone on the way down (which I must say irritated me, but I'd rather be safe than sorry).

Of course, the best bit of the ride again was the State Park. I shifted early and didn't drop my chain, although I did misgear an early hill and had to clip out. The rest of it was just joyous, as I tried to maintain my speed through the hills, with some success.

After the ride was over, I was ready to do another one - but I was set to go on vacation.