Monday, June 8, 2009

Started Marathon Training today...

I recovered so well from the 5k on Saturday that I decided to start my marathon training early. I was going back over my training log and realized that I wanted to drop some serious time off of my marathon this year. If I use the pace calculator, my 5k times would translate to a very good improvement, so I've figured that the best way to go the distance would be to start the program and then take "backup" weeks if the training became to hard on me. It will leave me with about 4 or five times where I can take a break from the schedule if need be, but still be ready in January.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

5k in 22:06 - Another post-diagnosis PR

This morning I ran in the local Heights 5k. It wasn't even in my calendar for a race, but I added it at the last minute because a friend invited me down there. I didn't do much in the way of a taper - I only swam yesterday (including a time trial 100 freestyle in 1:14) and did not run, and I altered the Thursday workout. I was especially pleased that I took 44 seconds off my best time in years. Houston is starting to get hot and humid.

Two months ago, I ran a 22:50, but this race was bigger with a competitive masters division, and I came in 40th or so in my age group today. So it just goes to show you. You can run much faster, and winning just depends on who shows up that day. I think its far better to have the attitude to improve against your own times than to tie success to place.

And a little fun, there was a camera crew doing "indie movie stuff" there, so maybe I'll be in a feature film someday.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Swam downhill on National Running Day

Yesterday was National running day, but it made more sense to focus most of my workout efforts on swimming. The workout was bike to the Y, short run on the treadmill (just to say I did), go to masters swimming, and then bike home.

We were working on breast stroke technique yesterday. I like to use breaststroke in triathlons sometimes, because you can get a really good view in an open water swim if conditions are rough or sighting is difficult. I thought I was pretty good at that stroke, but during the drills, the coach came up to me and said, "Michael, you are very flat in the water, which is good, but I want you to try something. On your entry, really push your shoulders into the water, like 8-12 inches under. It's not permanent, but I want you to try."

I'd been getting across in 7 strokes or so, and as soon as a tried it, I dropped to 5. Huge.

There are two ways to get faster in swimming - technique and yards. Technique is more fun.

Now if I could just get a tight flip turn...