Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Celiacs - check your freezer

I just saw this voluntary recall of Van's Pancakes. I keep telling my wife that just because it says wheat free on the box doesn't mean it is really gluten free. Now I can say that just because it says gluten-free on the box, it doesn't mean that it actually gluten-free, either.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Bruise count

Training is going really well for me right now, but I've had some of those "out of training" accidents. I was moving the woodpile (for the third time!) to get it away from the house. The exterminator recommended it because a woodpile basically invites termites. So I trenched around the house and moved the woodpile. One of the pieces hit my foot and caused a big ole bruise on my foot/ankle. It doesn't hurt (much) and I can run on it, but it could have been worse.

That makes about three bruises (new and/or healing), plus the ones I haven't found yet.

Why bring this up? Well, training for big long distance events is different than shorter ones. With shorter ones, you get injured and say, "Oh well," you rehab, and you do an event a few weeks later after you heal. Big long distance events are riskier. They usually involve a lot of training time and some travel expense. If you miss one of these events due to a freak injury, you may have to wait a month or even a year to try again. "Moving the woodpile" should be added to the list of "don't do this right before a marathon/big tri."

Reading around the web, now this Celiac has a reason to avoid remodeling projects, too - possible gluten in the drywall! Thanks for sharing that one.