Saturday, December 19, 2009

Met a Celiac on a 21 miler today

What are the odds of that?

That's the longest run before the Houston Marathon. Kinda glad its over.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Top Five Impacts on Celiac Awareness

This blog is about increasing awareness for Celiac, so I thought I would name my top five in what I consider to be most important for raising Celiac diagnosis rates and Celiac awareness generally in the last 10 years.

#1. The phenomenal growth of diagnosed celiacs - a self-feeding loop
#2. Celiac Consensus Meeting @ NIH - moved many doubters away from complacency
#3. Elisabeth Hasselback story and book - mass appeal
#4. Establishment of National Foundation for Celiac Awareness - first organization specifically focused on awareness to the exclusion of other activities
#5. Heidi Collins named NFCA spokesperson, cuts Public Service Announcement - brought star power and attention to the cause.

Blog post inspired by the survey at Savvy Celiac.