Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The week is looking up...

I just got back from my talk to the running group at the Y. I was told I was not boring, so that makes me feel better. I didn't tell them I had moved my workout to the afternoon, but I talked about safety, the perils of over training, how to stick with it and the like.

I've had a string of early morning conference calls followed by late night questions, so I've really worked a lot already this week. I even had to skip last night's swim workout.

That's good news, because today I finally received the insurance waiver for the Celiac Awareness Run/Walk I'll be holding in Bear Creek on May 19th. I'm sure I've missed a bunch of advertising deadlines, but I am looking forward to putting it together. Now if I could just finish my taxes...

There's nothing really noteworthy about the workouts, they all seem to go pretty well. I've discovered that lubing my chain every third ride or so works wonders for the clattering. I'm sold on that.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Extra Long ride Saturday, paying today

I'm doing the MS 150, which I hear is actually closer to 180 miles, so I've been adding in some biking mileage where it makes sense, like on a weekend ride. Nobody from my team for the ride (Team Trinity) wanted to go the 70 miles on offer. I did, and it went by pretty quick. One of the training things is that I really don't want to draft off of others, because they penalize you in the race if you do so. Of course, people on the ride just love it when they can get sucked along for "free." And I don't mind if it's not a race.

Of course, a bunch of people looked at the calendar and said, "Oooh - I haven't gotten in my long rides yet." I saw so many newbies out there, we could have used twice as many ride marshals. The police coverage at intersections was pretty good. I think I did 75 total.

My Tivo did pick up that episode of the celiac segment on The View. There's a big old weather warning on it, but what do you do?

The Y wants me to come talk to the new running group. I've been doing it so long, I wonder if I can make it simple anymore. At least I get to mention Celiac in passing.

Speaking of the Y, I did my first "real" swim workout there tonight with warm up, drills, and sets. Let's just say there's more work to be done.

The brutal thing was then I came home and did the hour run on my treadmill. I usually try to have an action/adventure movie in, but I ended up watching the last half of the Shawshank Redemption. There are some real slow spots in that movie. And I looked down at the timer a lot. I finished 45 minutes ago, and I think I'm tired enough to beat the two hour rule to bed.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Can't sleep - but the work's getting done

I just put an hour brick in and popped in a skateboarding movie while I was cooling off. It seems that regardless of the time I work out, it takes me about two hours to wind down and get ready for sleep, and today a movie was about right.

I've been slowly building up my swim distance - for two reasons. One is that swimming has been my worst leg of triathloning since, oh, 1983 or so when I did my first one. The other is that I've been trying to ease off my rib injury from the marathon. Last night I did 88 "wall touches" - meaning one down, two back, three down, and so on. I find it's the only way I can keep the distance straight, as I am forever losing count of which lap I'm on. For those of you quick with math - that's 2200 meters - which turns out to be a personal distance PR. I've been adding 200 meters each workout to my twice a week workouts, so I'll get on the 2500 meter workout plan from my book soon.

Fun stuff today from the NFCA. Celiac Awareness came to The View. I love it when people on a show try to cram a "condition" into five minutes. I hope my Tivo caught it.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Two off days in a row...

Last week, I was at church and one of friends said, "That race is today." She'd mentioned it before, and I hadn't committed. I felt pretty strong and figured, "Well - a hard 5k could substitute for 45 minutes easy..." Let me just say that they do not.

It was quite possibly the latest I had ever signed up for a fun run. I got caught in the typical I-10 traffic and made it to the registration table with barely a moment to spare. I quickly filled in a blank or two, signed the waiver and ran to the start line. I was so late the national anthem caught me between the table and the start line. After a hard 23.22 5K, I collected my shirt and was off (on vacation). Only just now did I find out I was second in my age group - had I put my age down on the form! Whoops!

I was pretty happy with the time. Even though it was slower than last year's - it came pretty close to the marathon in January (they had moved the race earlier in the year) and more important, it was my sixth relatively hard workout of the week. This last Sunday, it all caught up with me so I took the day off. Today too.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Celiac Stoplights

In my celiac world, there's three kinds of food -- red, yellow and green. It's how I tell people about whether or not I can eat a food. "Red" is the 'no way don't even check' category. This would include stuff like bread and cookies, flour mixes, etc. "Green" is food that is obviously okay - fresh fruits and vegetables, pure meats and the like. "Yellow" foods are those foods that are in the "unclear" category, sausage, au gratin potatoes and refried beans.

It just so happens that the last three foods showed up on my breakfast plate at the Mariposa Ranch, where my wife and I are staying on vacation. The eggs were okay, but the rest? So, even though I had gone through the whole "diet thing" twice already, I did it again. They didn't have the ingredient label for the sausage, the beans were okay, and the potatoes had mushroom soup as an ingredient, and the second ingredient on that can was, you guessed it - wheat flour.

I always send back plates that have been contaminated with wheat, but of course that most important item - trust - goes away, and with it a good part of the enjoyment of the meal. I try not to let it bother me.

On the celiac front, I may have found a local here in Brenham with symptoms, so I had the opportunity to talk about that.

For training, it turns out that Brenham has an aquatic center, which I used for my swim workout. I ran right by the Blue Bell ice cream factory (but didn't go in). It turns out there's an M&M lane behind the factory that smelled like fresh chocolate chip cookies. Mmmmm.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

I am so outta here...

I finally wrapped up work and can go on vacation. Yippee. It's a good thing exercising late helps me stay awake.