Friday, January 19, 2007

About That Bruise...

For the uninitiated, there is a lot of pain associated with running a marathon. Your legs hurt during the marathon, and then after the marathon they hurt worse. For days.

I'm familiar with that pain, but this year I had more. The doctors at the finish line said that I should seek medical attention if my bruise hurt for more than four days and didn't get better. I called the nurse line today and they had me do a simple test --- press on my breast bone and see if my rib hurt. The answer was yes, so now I have an appointment on Monday to see the doctor. Personally, I think it's cracked, but I'll wait for the x-ray. There is a part of me that feels like these skeletal injuries are in part due to my previous bout with osteopenia, but my wife thinks I'm wrong on that point, and that I am just accident-prone lately.

With all this injury talk, I sure don't want to sound like a whiner, but for the purposes of this blog, I feel it's important to record significant events, feelings and training issues. So moving on, I'm in very good spirits. This feels like a minor setback in my training. Plus, I'll have a great story after I heal. "Yeah, I ran 20 miles with a cracked rib." Finally, today I got a massage for my legs. I always love that.

Another reason to be in good spirits is that I may have helped a friend of a friend with his ill wife. She said, "I know someone who knows about Celiac, I'll get you some information." So I passed that along today. I'll keep you posted.

Also on the celiac front, I asked the people at Saltstick if their electrolyte tabs contain gluten. They were able to tell me that "The capsules do not contain any added gluten as far as I know. The cellulose used as the capsule material is "hypromellose". The rest of the contents are salts. There is no added filler. Hope that helps! Race strong!" They had a nice PDF file on their website explaining the different components of the current top electrolyte pills. There were some pretty big differences between them. It makes me wonder where I can get an analysis of my perspiration...

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