Thursday, December 7, 2006

First Posting

I don't usually celebrate the completion of the three-mile run, but today is something special. About three weeks ago I went over the handlebars of my bike, landed on the asphalt and really hurt my wrists. One wrist was hurt so bad I went to the urgent care facility, then the orthopedist. I had a cast on my arm for two weeks, but they cut it off yesterday (not my arm, the cast). The MRI showed that my wrist wasn't broken after all, it was just really bruised and needed a wrist brace for support for the next month. I was thrilled.

You see, I'm training for the Ironman Wisconsin race in September 2007. Even three years ago, a race that distance was inconceivable to me even though it has been my goal to do the Ironman in Kona for nearly 25 years. I had been suffering through the training for marathon after marathon until three years ago I was diagnosed with celiac. Now my body takes up training much better and I feel I can tackle the distance.

So why a blog? Partially, I'd just like to keep a training log. I'd also like for it to be a source of tips and tricks for people who are considering doing an Ironman race. (Although I've done lots of marathons, I'm an Ironman newbie). Mostly, though, I'd like for it to be an avenue where people become more aware of how common celiac is and maybe help some of their sick friends get diagnosed. So I plan to talk about celiac, Ironman training, and then whatever else comes up.

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