Saturday, December 9, 2006

Working back into it...

Last night one of my friends invited me out for an 8 mile morning run. The group she runs with is usually substantially slower than me, but I figured I was going to be running slowly anyway. I needed to test out my wrist to see how it would feel on a long run.

It was supposed to be pretty cold this morning, so I layered up pretty good. We started before dawn, but by the time we finished the run it was pretty warm. By the end of the run, I felt good enough to try my normal training pace, and my wrist felt fine, so that's a blessing.

Later we went out to Starbucks and I got a chance to talk to her running partner about celiac. So it felt like a pretty successful day overall, and it wasn't even nine o'clock yet.

Tonight I took on the project of drilling a hole through my wall and routing a cable from my TiVo to the playroom. Of course, it took longer than I thought although I was finally successful. Now I'll be able to ride my bike, watch the Computrainer screen and watch TiVo at the same time. I figure that one place I can really pick up training time is riding my bicycle while I'm watching TV.

Speaking of TV, it was really nice to see the Ironman championship on TV today. Last year, the local television station didn't run the programming. It was nice that they ran two hours of it this year. It's always so inspirational, even when you know the outcome.

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